On August 10, 2020 the JCCS Board approved the following COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.  Below are just  the highlights, for a detailed list of the protocols and procedures, click here.


JCCS Adminstrator, Lorrie Jarrett, has posted a personal message  and video on YouTube of what some of the new protocals will look like.  Here is the link.  Please note that the video was made before the CDC changed their recommendations.  The Jefferson County Health Department notified JCCS that the “CDC does not currently recommend universal symptom screenings (screenings all students K-12) be conducted by schools.”


Fall 2020 Re-opening Highlights


Soft Start of School

*Students are to bring school supplies the first day they are in the building.

** If your student is not scheduled to be here on one of the days of the week of August 31st to September 4th, they are not to come to school.

*** High school students who are taking College Credit Plus in-person classes will begin their classes the week of August 31st.  They will receive their instructions and assignments when they report to the building the first day they are scheduled.  All CCP online classes begin August 24th so be sure to check your OCU email for information.


August 24-28th                             Teacher Professional Development


Monday, August 31st                 Kindergarten – 2nd grades  &  11th – 12th  grades

Click here to find more information on Kindergarten Orientation including  the schedule.


Tuesday, September 1st              3rd – 4th grades  &  7th– 8th grades


Wednesday, September 2nd       5th – 6th  grades &  9th– 10th  grades


Thursday, September 3rd            All Elementary – K-6th


Friday, September 4th                 ALL Jr. High and High School –  7th-12th


Tuesday, September 8th             ALL K-12 Students

Pre-school Orientation and Half Day 9am- 11:30am



ClassroomsSeating will be physically distanced at least six feet.   JCCS Administration has gone to great lengths to limit the class sizes to 12 students when at all possible.


Masks –  Face shields will be used by JCCS staff when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  JCCS will follow the guidelines from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and Ohio Department of Health which states students K-12 will be required to wear face coverings when physical distancing is not possible. All students will be required to wear masks when entering the building and when they cannot be physically distant (dismissal, in the hallways, going to lockers, etc).


Health Screenings – Daily home screenings must be done by a parent or guardian before coming to school.  Any student with a fever of 99.8 F or greater must remain at home.  If students have not been screened at home, they will be screened before entering the building.


Lunch – All students will have to pack their lunch because they will be eating in their classrooms.  Because they will be in the classroom, they won’t have access to the microwaves.  Students must bring their own water bottles because the water fountains will be turned off.   They will be able to purchase milk.


Recess Elementary students will have a minimum of two recesses a day and secondary students will have a scheduled lunch-recess break.


Remote Learning OptionParents can request an online option if there is a concern of COVID-19.  Google Classroom will be the format used with live streaming of the classroom instruction. All requests must be made to the main office by Monday, August 17th.  For more information on the remote learning option, click here.


For a detailed list of the all COVID-19 protocols and procedures that will help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff , click here.