Jefferson County Christian School is blessed with gifted and dedicated faculty and staff. All faculty and staff members profess Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and regard their positions at JCCS as service to Him.

Administrative & Support Staff

Mrs. Lorrie Jarrett, Administrator
Mr. Donavon MartinDean of Students
Mrs. Misty Sole, Secretary
Miss Addie CaldwellAttendance Clerk and Athletic Secretary
Mr. Geron Dison,  IT Director/Computer Teacher
Mrs. Kathy Martin, Auxiliary Clerk, Admissions,  & Development
Mrs. Susan Potvin, Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Ana McGurn, School Nurse
Mrs. Carey Ferralli, Accounting
Mrs. Teresa Barnhart, Librarian
Mr. Roger Caldwell, School Resource Officer
Mr. Greg Byers, Maintenance
Mr. John Cessna , Custodian
Ms. Tiffany Jones, Cook

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Emilee Dison Pre-K
Mrs. Sandy Pine,
Mrs. Kendra Radcliffe,
1st Grade
Mrs. Julie Lewis, 2nd Grade
Mrs. Amanda Harms, Third Grade
Mrs. Stephanie Davis, 4th Grade
Miss Isabella Perrone , 5th Grade
Mrs. Marcy Guess, 6th Grade
Mr. Dan Sells, Physical Education
Mrs. Jocelyne Spellman,  K-7th Music
Mrs. Leslie Clements. K-12 Art
Mrs. April Crew, Intervention Aide
Mrs. Rachel Meneely, 2nd Grade Aide
Mrs. Sierra Hyndman, Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Mary Jane Harrah, Intervention
Mrs. Tera Rogers, Intervention Aide 
Miss Maggie Rogers, Preschool Aide

Junior & Senior High Faculty

Mrs. Sherri Ware – Biology, History, World Geography
Mrs. Ana McGurn – Spanish II-III, A &P
Mr. Dan Sells – Bible, Physical Education, Health, Weightlifting
Mrs. Tessie Sells, Bible, Science
Mrs. Susan Potvin – Personal Career Development
Mrs. Mary O’Donnell– Science
Mrs. Janet Johnson Math
Mr. Donavon Martin – World History, Government, American History
Mrs. Peggy Downs, Spanish

Mrs. Lisa Foster, English
Mr. Simon Nayeh, Math
Mrs. Michele Gribben, Ohio History, Math, Science
Miss Kristina Gabel, English