Rev. Randy Sells

College Review Math, Bible, Weightlifting

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I believe every person makes three great decisions in life. These decisions determine everything of importance in the lives we’ve been given.

The first decision is whether or not to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior.  For me, I invited Christ into my heart and life as a 14 year old boy in 1970.  Because of Him and His wonderful grace, I am heaven-bound.

The second decision is whether or not to accept God’s will for our lives. So many people waste God’s time by pursuing temporal and finite goals. Only in His will is true joy experienced. After receiving my education from Kent State University, God’s wonderful plan for my life has led me through 38 years of serving Him in Christian Education and the pastorate of Colonial Baptist Church. Although my life has had the typical ups and downs, His Word and His will have never let me down.

The third decision is who we choose to marry. In 1980, God gave me His very best in Debbie, my wife. She is the perfect example of the virtuous women, who God says is more valuable than precious jewels. Together, we have had the distinct pleasure of raising three sons, Matthew, Andrew, and Daniel. They have given my wife and I many years of happy parenting and grandparenting.

My biography includes a great deal more of the usual incidentals, but the accumulation of all of them cannot come close to equaling Christ’s salvation, God’s will, and my wonderful family. I am truly a wealthy man.