Mrs. Susan Beadle

World Geography, American Government, Ohio History, Civics, Journalism, Study Skills, Health, Bible, Logic, Introductory Spanish

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I joined the faculty of JCCS in 2005. Little did I realize what an incredible family of God my husband, children, and I were joining that year. The JCCS community is just that!

Over the years, I have taught several different classes based on my varied experience, but I believe the Lord has me in the best courses for my strengths now.   The most important thing for me to teach and live is this… the Creator of all wants to be in deep relationship with you, and He has made it possible, at an immeasurable cost, for you to have that relationship with Him.

My teaching philosophy starts with a love and concern for each of my students. I want them to learn to separate the lies with which the enemy is bombarding us from the truth of God’s Word, to build knowledge, understanding, and application so that JCCS students will find themselves able to stand firm to the end.

I am a 1981 graduate of Taylor University, Upland, Indiana with a B.A. in Political Science and Business Administration.

I am blessed in being the wife of Jeff Beadle since 1983. We have 4 children: Kaitlyn, Jenna (JCCS ’08), Alyssa (JCCS ’13), and Gabriel (JCCS ’19). We recently welcomed our first precious grandson.