Below are questions often asked by families considering Jefferson County Christian School for their children. For additional information, or if you have questions not answered on this list, please contact our admissions counselor, Kathy Martin, at kmartin@myjccs.org or (740) 275-4326.

Why JCmailto:grankin@myjccs.orgCS?

As a discipleship-based Christian school, biblical principals are integrated into all subject areas. Students are taught that Jesus Christ is the center of all learning and living and the Way of salvation for each one of us.  We offer a detailed Bible curriculum for students Preschool-12 and appropriate time is devoted each day to Bible instruction.  In addition, students attend chapel once a week.  Spiritually, JCCS provides an atmosphere in which students begin to make their faith their own.  Jefferson County Christian School seeks to be a tool to help parents in fulfilling their responsibility of education. (Deuteronomy 7:4-9)

What grade levels does JCCS offer?

Preschool through 12th grade.  Students must be 4 years old by August 1st upon entering Preschool.

What are the school hours?

All full-time students meet Monday through Friday. For days off, half days, holidays, etc. please view the academic calendar.

  • Preschool: 8:15am-11:15am (half day schedule) and 8:15am-2:15pm (full day schedule)
  • Grades K-12: 8am-2:30pm

Is JCCS affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

No, JCCS is a Christian, independent, board run school.  Our school families represent over 60 churches within our community.

How many students attend JCCS?

The enrollment for 2017-2018 is 194 students in grades Preschool through 12th grade.

How many students are in a classroom?

Our average class size is 14 students and our student to teacher ratio is 7:1.  This allows for lots of individualized attention so that each child is recognized for their unique gifts and talents in order to help them achieve their God-given potential.

Is JCCS an accredited school?

Yes, Jefferson County Christian School is chartered by the Ohio Department of Education and is a charter member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

How does JCCS compare with other schools in regards to national testing?

In general, students who graduate from JCCS test above the national average on the ACT and SAT  college entrance tests.

What foreign languages are offered?

Spanish is offered in grades 3-4 and 8-12.  French is offered in grades 9-12.  Two years of high school level foreign language are required to graduate with a college-preparatory diploma.

Does JCCS offer fine arts?

Yes! JCCS offers numerous opportunities for students to participate in fine arts. Performing arts, music, praise and worship band, digital photography, and art are components of the curriculum.  JCCS proudly presents drama and musical programs each year and participates in the ACSI Art Show.

What sports does JCCS offer?

For complete information, be sure to visit our Athletics Page.

Junior High Sports:  Co-Ed Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball

High School Sports:  Boys Soccer, Girls JV/Varsity Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball

Do students wear uniforms?

Yes, uniforms are required for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th.  Our dress-code is based on Christian standards of modesty and neatness.  A detailed description is available in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Do you have a hot lunch program?

Yes, JCCS offers an affordable catered lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.  Parents send in order forms every Friday for the following week.  Milk and juice are available for purchase daily at $.40 per carton.

How much is tuition?

Tuition & Fees 2019-2020

Does JCCS offer financial assistance?

Yes, tuition scholarships are designed to meet financial needs for qualified families who desire to have a Christian education for their child(ren).  For more information, please see the tuition, aid, & affordability page.

How is the leadership structured?

Jefferson County Christian School is governed by a School Board comprised of parents, former parents, and benefactors of the school.  The administrative staff includes the Administrator/Elementary Principal (Lorrie Jarret), Sr. High Principal (Sherri Ware), and Dean of Students (Donavon Martin).

My child has special needs. Can you accommodate him/her?

Possibly.  All students receive an academic screening before admission to ensure that JCCS has the resources to care for their educational needs.  Our Intervention Services Department exists to support students, teachers, and parents in meeting these needs.

What is the community like at JCCS?

JCCS offers a family atmosphere that is both welcoming and supportive.  We are an active community of believers who possess a common vision for Preschool-12 education.

Does the school have a parent volunteer program?

Yes. The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is a vital component to the operation of our school as they reinforce our bonds as a school family by praying for our school, coordinating events, and planning activities.

How do I schedule a tour, shadow day, or admissions interview?

You may schedule a tour, interview, or peer shadow day by contacting our Admissions Counselor, Kathy Martin, at kmartin@myjccs.org or (740) 275-4326.

Does JCCS Offer Busing?

Yes, busing is offered by Harrison County and all school districts within Jefferson County.

Are computers available for students?

Students have access to our Mac Lab which is available for specific class use and may also be available for certain projects under the supervision of a staff member.

What grading scale does JCCS use?

Grading Scale (1st-12th):
92-100% = A Excellent
83-91% = B Good
72-82% = C Average
64-71% = D Passing
0-63% = F Failing

Grading Scale (K):
O – Outstanding
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory

Grading Scale (Pre-K):
S – Satisfactory
N – Needs Development

Specials: All specials such as, music, physical education etc. in grades K-6 will be graded with:
O- Outstanding
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory

What curriculum do you use?

At JCCS we use a traditional, Christian curriculum mostly comprised of textbooks from Bob Jones University Press.  For more specific curriculum information for each grade level, please see our Academics page.

Are JCCS teachers certified?

Yes, JCCS teachers are certified.  Faculty must take continuing education in order to maintain certification.

Does JCCS offer any post-secondary options?

Yes, we partner with Ohio Christian University and offer a wide selection of 3 & 4 credit courses to eligible students that can be taken through the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program.   There are two options for CCP:  courses taught by qualified JCCS teachers during a regular school day and online courses.[/fusion_text]