Amy Reed


I choose JCCS because my children come home to me exactly as I send them. My husband and I are raising our boys to live according to Jesus’ example, and we strive to instill in them our own traditional Christian values and moral principles. I have complete confidence that when my boys enter the doors of the school, everyone involved in their education at JCCS, the administrators, teachers, and staff, is further reinforcing the same values and morals we teach at home. The wonderful teachers who are involved in the day-to-day educating of my children not only challenge them academically but also incorporate God’s Word into every subject. I appreciate knowing that my boys are freely able to pray in school and read the Bible. I am thankful for the scheduled activities, which encourage the fellowship of our school family, and I treasure the friendships my children and I have made, largely in part by socializing in the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of those gatherings. I choose JCCS to give my boys the solid foundation they will need to enter into adulthood as strong, well-educated Christian men who will positively contribute to society.