Anne Recznik


As the time for another daughter to graduate from Jefferson County Christian School approaches, I am filled with immense gratitude for this school.

Here is why we have chosen Jefferson County Christian School:

As a mom, I know my daughters are being taught and cared for in a loving way while they are at school. And when needed, they are corrected and disciplined with kindness and fairness.

As a consumer, I believe the “product” of an education at JCCS is well worth the financial investment. Though the tuition cost is a very real challenge, it is actually gratifying to see our hard-earned money being so well spent.

As a Christian, I see that the staff, administrators and teachers are taking their roles at JCCS not as a job, but a ministry, where they are serving our Lord Jesus Christ, His Kingdom and all of God’s people that He brings to them.

During those crucial high school years, peers have such an influence. We have felt so blessed that our daughters have had good Christian friends to share, serve and study with.

Some of the highlights that I love about high school at JCCS:

– Student led praise and worship at weekly chapel

– Senior Class goes to March for Life

– Students can participate in a musical play

– Each class, all 4 years of high school, goes on a field trip that is educational, adventurous and fun. They are very reasonably priced because of the fund-raisers the teachers and students put on

– All the high school girls go on a retreat together, led by the senior girls

To choose an education for your child….a necessity; to hear that from your daughter….priceless.