Georgia Marshall-Grimes

Graduated Spring 2009

When my parents enrolled me as a freshman at Jefferson County Christian School I was so scared of going to school with other kids. I thought that nobody would want to consider being my friend. I was really upset at my mom and dad for a little while, because they insisted that I go to JCCS, they kept reassuring me that I would love it… I was convinced that I was going to be the outcast, and I would never make any friends. I didn’t even want to try to make friends. I wanted to remain being homeschooled.

God used JCCS in SO MANY ways in my life, how can I begin to express all of those ways! The first thing that encouraged me was the teachers. They really cared about me. They wanted me to succeed and do well in my classes! They offered one-on-one help to me anytime I needed it. They were willing to invest their time in me, and that said a lot. The next thing would be the Godly testimonies that they lived out. Their lives truly pointed towards Christ, and they wanted to glorify Him in their teaching and everything they did! Not only could I approach my teachers about my studies, but as I grew more comfortable trusting each of them; I would seek out my teachers for spiritual advice as well. They would take me to God’s Word, and really teach me to lean on my Savior!

It took more than half of my freshman school year to actually begin to open up a little bit to my classmates, and I found that when I did, they did not reject me, but welcomed me! I was so relieved; I finally had people my own age that I could call my friends! Now, there were some hard times, just the normal relational stuff between classmates, but once again our teachers were there to lead us in the right direction! I can’t thank them enough! God truly had a marvelous plan in mind for sending me to JCCS! I am forever thankful!

I often wonder what my life would be like if I had never gone to JCCS. I would have probably continued in my loneliness, depression, anxieties and fear of people, and self-destructive behaviors. I would not have grown in the trust of friends, or had the strong power of my teacher’s testimonies in my life. I learned how to be a more confident individual, by having a God-confidence, and not relying on myself!

Through friends and teachers at JCCS I was invited to go to The Wilds Christian Camp, a place where God really got ahold of my life and He began making major changes in me. It was through JCCS that I learned of the wonderful Bible College that I would attend called Bob Jones University, and it was at BJU that I met and married my wonderful husband! Yes, God has certainly been busy in my life, and those first steps towards blessing, I believe, began by stepping into JCCS! I learned so many lessons there that I still apply to my life today. It is a great joy to say that my alma mater it Jefferson County Christian School!