Mallorie Monas

Graduated Spring 2005

My name is Mallorie Monas. I am a 2005 graduate of JCCS and a 2009 graduate of Bob Jones University. My husband and I are currently stationed in Ft. Riley, Kansas. My husband, Kent, is a pilot and officer in the US Army. Recently, Kent was required to attend survival school as a part of his military training. He spent several weeks learning how to survive in a hostile enemy environment. Although it may seem unlikely that he would have to survive in an extreme situation, I am grateful that he has the training to do it. That is exactly how I feel about JCCS. We do live in a hostile environment here on earth. The opposition to Christianity and our beliefs is a real and daily threat. JCCS was a part of my survival school for the “real world.” I probably could have learned geometry and penmanship at another school, but I was equipped for life by the Biblical teaching and discipleship of JCCS.

In the army, we see a lot of pain. There are broken families, broken lives, and broken children. It is hard to see so many people struggle to fill their lives with the answer to their happiness when the answer is so simple. The answer is something that I learned and believed in as a preschooler at JCCS. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If it weren’t for this simple truth and the re-enforcement of this truth during my schooling at JCCS, I am sure I would be living a confused and desperate life. The hope I have in Christ is the hope that I cling to; the only constant in a world of false advertisement. Kent and I have talked about having children recently. It is so hard for me to imagine sending my children into such a hard world. We’ve decided if we are given children, we will send them to a “JCCS.” Somewhere they can excel academically and participate in sports and art and music. Somewhere they can grow and experience friendships and ministry. Somewhere they will be cared for and nurtured in the Biblical truths that we hold paramount to survival.