Matthew Sells

Graduated Spring 2004

I had the unique opportunity to complete 13 years at Jefferson County Christian School, attending from Kindergarten through 12th grade, graduating with the class of 2004. It is hard to pinpoint one specific quality of JCCS that most poignantly describes my perception of the school after that many years, but I do have a consistent memory of a Christ-centered atmosphere and an attitude of self-sacrificial love demonstrated on a daily basis by the faculty and staff. Each teacher, instructor, and coach that I had the privilege to spend any length of time with left a lasting impact on my life by their Christ-like behavior, diligent character, and persistence to ensure that I received the best possible training for my future Christian life. The faculty and staff desire to mold young men and women to contribute to society and serve the Lord with all their hearts. The education that I received was the stepping stone that allowed me to graduate from an accredited Christian university (Bob Jones University) in 2008, and then complete a doctoral level program for Physical Therapy in 2011. I have always been amused by the perception that Christian school students are too “sheltered” to fully make the transition to the secular world. My twin brother and I had no difficulty functioning at a notably secular school (Ohio University) for our Physical Therapy training despite completing 13 years at JCCS, and another 4 years at Bob Jones University. I found myself entirely prepared didactically to complete college-level and graduate level science, math, and anatomy courses based on the foundation that I received at JCCS.

In addition to the academic guidance that was provided at JCCS, there were also multiple opportunities to share in fun extracurricular activities including athletics, field trips, after-school clubs, spring-musicals, and ministry outreaches. They were once-in-a-lifetime experiences that provided Christian fellowship and priceless memories. In my opinion, no student from a public school, or any other Christian school for that matter, has had the availability of so many outlets at their disposal. In particular, I always loved the sports program. Basketball, baseball, and soccer were what I lived for in high-school. The JCCS sports program is highly regarded (mentioned frequently and followed consistently in local newspapers) and competitive with not only rival Christian schools, but also local public schools. Several graduates during my tenure, including myself and both of my brothers, went on to play at the college level. The athletic tutelage that is received at JCCS shapes all participants into hard-working individuals that seek to win and honor God with their efforts.

I feel that the Christ-like approach that I attempt to display in my daily life was cultivated early on in the Bible curriculum, chapel sessions, and ministry outreaches that were presented to me as a student; those aspects still remain a cornerstone of the JCCS mission for its students to this day. My experience at JCCS was life-shaping, and I will forever be indebted to the faithful faculty, staff, and volunteers that made my time there so memorable.