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Scholarship Opportunities

Jefferson County Christian School Fund

The purpose of the Jefferson County Christian School Scholarship Fund is to assist those families who need financial support for tuition while attending JCCS. Over the life of the program, students have been awarded over $150k in scholarships thanks to the generous donors who share in the mission and ministry of JCCS.

Scholarships are available to families who meet certain criteria and have financial need.  To be eligible for the JCCS Scholarship Fund, an application must be submitted to and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee for approval.  A limited number of scholarships will be awarded based upon need and funds available.  An interview may be scheduled if more input is needed for a decision.  Each family receiving a scholarship must meet the following criteria:


  • Complete the admission process to the point of the financial contract (see admission process on admission page).
  • Show a strong testimony and lifestyle for Jesus Christ.
  • Maintain an active role in a local church.
  • Support the philosophy of the Jefferson County Christian School.
  • Exhibit a financial need for the scholarship and be current in their financial obligations to the school (those families with outstanding tuition and/or fees will not be considered).
  • Be willing to assist when called upon in fundraisers, “work days” or other activities, which necessitate additional assistance or manpower.
  • Work with a financial adviser in developing a budget, if necessary.


  • Maintain at least an 80% (C) average.
  • Not be a discipline problem.
  • Show a growing spiritual testimony (if a high school student, he/she must be a Christian).
  • Support the Christian lifestyle and philosophy of Jefferson County Christian School.
  • Show a willingness to attend Jefferson County Christian School.

The decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be made each April for the upcoming school year.  Only complete applications will be reviewed and discussed. Scholarship awards will never exceed 50% of the tuition per family (after all applicable discounts).  Scholarship awards are for Tuition, Instructional & Consumable Fee, and Technology Fees at Jefferson County Christian School.

Receiving a Scholarship award in one year does not guarantee future awards.  All Scholarship awards are granted annually and Scholarship Applications must be submitted for each school year.